With founder & host, Ami Rabheru

Where creativity meets retail strategy, and success is a collaborative journey.

A retail community uniting product brand founders and independent retailers in a place to connect, share, learn and grow.

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Hi, I'm Ami Rabheru

Founder of Retail Huddle, a consultancy where creativity meets retail strategy!

I started this community to unite founders of retail product businesses...A place where you can connect, share, learn, and grow, and where light-bulb moments can shape your business and elevate your retail game in the ever-evolving retail landscape!

I look forward to meeting you.

Ami x

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What to Expect

Our community, events, courses, and membership are specifically designed for product-based businesses and independent retailers focused on how they will help you navigate the ever-evolving retail landscape.

This is your community! Here's what it's all about... 



New members can join the Free Community for a limited time to see what we're all about, start networking and connecting, establish valuable contacts, collaborate, and share! You'll also be able to Join free monthly networking sessions online.


Courses, live events and Membership

Be among the first to be invited to book yourself on paid events, programmes, courses, and the new membership through Retail Huddle. 


Networking Events and discussions

Participate in our various paid and free live chat discussions about specific topics, or join our regular networking sessions to meet others and exchange updates and valuable insights.

Limited time: Joining the community is free for a limited time. You will then be among the first to be invited to join the membership as founding members when we are ready to open the doors!

Networking is the most powerful thing you can do for your business;

It's where valuable connections are made, collaborations happen, and light-bulb moments are born. It can really help shape your business to what it can become, and together navigate the ever-evolving retail landscape, and ELEVATE your retail game!